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Blood Group Checkup Prank


Finger Blood Group Checkup Prank is a small gift to help users reading your own human blood groups.Do you wish to find out what types of blood groups you belongs to, then this blood group test prank app is a great look for you.Instructions: Put your fingerprint gently over the finger marks examining machine section and hold out for 4-5 sec.Result: Your blood group will be shown after calculation and remember that is prank result.This is a prank app blood group Checker app and not close to real scanner by any mean. Currently this is not possible with android phone in real to find out that medical result as people expect. Play with and fun with your friends whenever you get free time.
Features of Blood Group Detector Prank:
- Share your own result to your friends on social media like Google Plus or Facebook etc.- Create prank game and Fun or joke on your Friends, girlfriend and Family.- made in such a way that it gives Realistic looking.Disclaimer Blood Group Scanner / Checkup Prank application is only for joke and entertainment purposes and no way it will display real result.